Anthology v2.0.0 Release Notes

August 19, 2022
Release Notes
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Anthology v2.0.0 – Now Available on iOS & Android!

v2.0.0 has arrived! It’s action-packed with updates, refreshes, and redesigns that make Anthology feel like a whole new experience. 

Don’t have automatic updates on? Check your device’s app store to download v2.0.0 today. 

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Anthology v2.0.0 – Change Log

The following has been updated in v2.0.0 of Anthology:

  • We’ve introduced a Social Feed to Anthology! See photo content from those you follow on your timeline in a chronological feed. 
  • Added the integration for Facebook and Instagram connections
  • Added function to backfill Social Feed with older content that was shared to Anthology in the past (see current bugs)

Bugs That Were Squashed in v2.0.0

  • Increased the resolution on the POI feed images to make them more clear
  • Fixed an issue with the Edit Profile fields throwing a ‘null’ error message
  • For iOS: fixed the issue with Profile Image not updating. (Fix for Android is on its way in the next build release)
  • Fixed the Terms of Service hyperlinks on the app to point to the correct hyperlink
  • Fixed an issue with Android permissions to access phone image gallery (when uploading images)
  • Additional bugs that were affecting the administrative side 

Current Bugs That We’re Aware Of

We’re aware of the following issues in v2.0.0, and these will be resolved in future releases

  • Updating profile image for Android devices
  • After backfilling Social Feed, some of the older media causes an issue with the images not loading. 

If you come across other bugs in this release, we invite you to let us know about them so we can add them to our project list. 

Sneak Preview – What’s to Come in Future Anthology Releases

Here’s what we’re working on next: 

  • Our next feature that is currently being worked on is a Notification system. The notifications that we’ll be adding at this time are the following:
  • When another user follows you
  • When another user likes a post of yours
  • When one of your followers enters a Hotspot Challenge

Anthology is a gamified photography-focused platform built for those that love to take, share, or simply admire awesome photos. The Anthology mobile app is currently in development with a live beta available to download for free on Android and iOS.

Join today and start building your Anthology!

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