Photo-Worthy Spots to Explore in New Jersey

August 16, 2022
3 min

Photo opportunities are all around us

Summer is moving through quickly! Although we have been quite busy working hard on Anthology, we found time to get out and explore new & familiar places to bring the camera. If you find yourself with some free time, we encourage you to do the same. Are you a local in New Jersey? Maybe you’ve been to some of these places already. If not, we're happy to put you on to something new.

Explore Photo-Worthy Spot #1: Sugar Tree Cafe, Nutley

Whether you take pictures of food, or just like to indulge, you cannot go wrong with a cute cafe. Sugar Tree Cafe, located in Nutley, gives you all the artsy vibes while offering delicious coffee and food. Every wall presents a unique backdrop while a wisteria tree engulfs the entire front room. You can’t help but take a picture (or a few!). This cafe was definitely a creative and enjoyable experience. We strongly recommend what we ordered, the Buffalo Cauliflower, Lobster Tostada, and DJ’s Burger Joint were all excellent.

Every wall is adorned with artistic and unique scaping to make the experience at Sugar Tree Cafe unlike anything else
Great food and experience at Sugar Tree Cafe in Nutley
Sugar Tree Cafe Point of Interest - exclusively on the Anthology mobile app!

Explore Photo-Worthy Spot #2 - Echo Lake Park, Mountainside

Now that you’ve filled your stomach, let’s go for a stroll in the park. Echo Lake Park in Mountainside is a great choice. With a long, winding and scenic path, there are plenty of places to snap a cute photo. We opted to walk, but they have numerous amenities such as biking, grilling, pedal boating, and taking your pup to the dog park. At the top of the hill, you will find a 9/11 memorial where two steel beams from the structure stand to honor those we lost. At the bottom, you will find a lake where you can fish or just enjoy the scenery.

9/11 memorial honoring the fallen at Echo Lake Park
Visit and capture the lake at Echo Lake Park
Echo Lake Park Point of Interest - exclusively on the Anthology mobile app!

Explore Photo-Worthy Spot #3: Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Summit

Parks are great, but maybe gardens are more up your alley. We recently visited Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit. The garden is reminiscent of early 20th century landscape architecture. It is home to a rose and a lilac garden, so you are bound to see a butterfly or two. In the Spring they host Daffodil Day, showing off over 30,000 daffodils in bloom; one of the state’s largest collections. You can stay on path and walk the grounds or take the more adventurous path using one of several woodland trails. There is no shortage of beauty. This arboretum has no admissions fee, but donations are welcomed and help maintain the grounds.

butterflies are everywhere at reeves-reed arboretum
reeves-reed arboretum has beautiful ponds and scaping
Reeves-Reed Arboretum Point of Interest - exclusively on the Anthology mobile app!

Explore Photo-Worthy Spot #4: Downtown Morristown

Lastly, let’s explore the downtown of Morristown. If you like a town with history and a lot of character, then this one is well worth checking out. There is a park in the center of town which is home to a fountain and several Revolutionary and Civil War monuments. A short walk away is the Vail Mansion, built in the early 1900s. It is certainly a popular place to take photos. That's not all Morristown has to offer though. If you venture away from the downtown, you will find other photogenic spots like the Morristown Speedwell and The Frelinghuysen Arboretum.

downtown morristown photo worthy spot 4 - war monuments
Downtown Morristown - photo-worthy spot 4 - flower pots
Vail Mansion Point of Interest - exclusively on the Anthology mobile app!

Finding Photo-Worthy Spots on Anthology

There are always new places to be discovered and shared. We're developing a feature in the Anthology mobile app called Explore to make finding and sharing picturesque Points of Interest easy, and fun! You can download our public beta now for Android and iOS, and instantly become an Explore Ambassador. Join a community of other ambassadors today helping to build your area's Anthology!

Get out and bring your camera (or your smartphone) and capture the world around you. Happy exploring!

Honorable Mentions - Extra Photo-Worthy Spots to Consider

Want some additional location inspo? Here are some other places we've visited recently!

Honorable mention - the edgewater harbour
Edgewater Harbour
Willow and Whisk is a fantastic eatery available in Wyckoff
Willow & Whisk

Visit and explore the South Mountain Reservation and it's Dog Park
South Mountain Dog Park
Hoboken offers a beautiful scenic trip and view of the city
Hoboken Waterfront


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