This Month's Challenge - February 2023 Edition

February 2, 2023
This Month's Challenge
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This Month's Challenge is back and better than ever for the month of February!

Last month we announced a new project called This Month's Challenge - a monthly photo contest that awards the winner with a cash prize. Not only that, we also announced a digital photography magazine that goes alongside these contests. Contest entrants are featured inside this digital 'zine, while the winning photo graces the cover of the Issue. Make sure to check out Issue #001 when it releases in a few days. You can sign up here to receive it in your inbox for free.

February's photo contest is all about the month of #LOVE. Submit a photo of yours that expresses what love means to you, and you'll be entered to win $100 in cash prizes!

Last month's winner, Joe, took home the prize for sharing the top photo taken during 2022. Will you take home this month's winnings? 

January's Winning Submission - Submitted by Joe

During January, we received so much support for the contest that we smashed through the free tier of our contest software! So we've taken the steps to upgrade our systems and this month we'll be able to accept 75 entries instead of 50.

As a friendly reminder, you may only share 1 submission per month. The first submission you make will be considered for the contest.

February's challenge ends on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 11:59PM EST. Make your submission here to be entered to win the prize!

Good luck to all participants!


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