Updates to Anthology

November 21, 2022
Company News
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There are some important and fun updates to share regarding Anthology coming in the next few days and weeks ahead. 

A New Website Design 

First and foremost - we’ve launched a brand new website that you have probably noticed by now. If not, tap here to check it out! The new site ties in closely with how we are building our company and showcases more of our product and our vision for what is to come in the future of Anthology. 

New menu navigation first brings you to the various FEATURES of our app - Portfolios, Explore, Social, and Gamification. Tapping on any one of these features glides you to an explanatory section where a button can be found that shares more of a chapter book definition. 

You will also find the BLOG directly on the menu navigation. We will begin to utilize this more frequently to bring you content, news and information about the project and about photography in general. 

Finally, within the navigation is the brand new OUR CREATORS. We will be showcasing our top creators on Anthology directly on this page, and helping their reach across the internet by providing external links to their websites, social media, and any other important items they’d like to share. When we reopen the desktop web portal of Anthology, these individual cards will bring you to that person’s Anthology profile page to directly see their Portfolios and content that they have shared. 

Want to be featured on Our Creators page? Email me personally here

Closing Off Our Beta to a Waitlist 

You will notice on the website that we have closed off our public beta version to a waitlist. There are certain features and designs that we are beginning to test and release in the coming weeks that require us to securely monitor how best to expand and scale. 

While the team here is small, we have opened a waitlist for those interested in the beta program. Each week we will allow a new set of individuals from this waitlist into the site to test out the features and functionality. 

Want to get on the waitlist right now? Tap here

Flash Challenges Are On the Way  

Speaking of the beta, we have finished development and internal testing of one of our newest photo minigames - Flash Challenges. These will prompt users with a type of image to post and will reward the winners with something unique and special. 

We’ll save the rest of the description for a formal post about the feature, but this will be available for all of our beta users soon. Again, if you’d like to be in the beta pool and test out Flash Challenges for yourself, sign up for the waitlist here!

Interface and Experience Changes to the Mobile App  

Along with the coming update, we’ll be improving some additional features as well. There were issues with serious lag in one of our previous builds that were patched up. The mobile app will be much more responsive and quick to load in the new update - especially on Android devices. 

For Explore - on a Point of Interest’s Quick View Card, you will begin to see a user name and a profile image for who created that location. This provides some additional transparency into who owns which locations. 

Finally, we have fixed an ongoing issue that was causing some users to occasionally experience a ‘null’ error message when posting a Point of Interest or photo to the app. The current workaround for that issue is to log out and log back into the app, however with the new update, users should no longer have this issue.

Will Ciolino
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