v2.2.0 Release Notes

December 13, 2022
Release Notes
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Anthology v2.2.0 – Now Available on iOS & Android!

v2.2.0 of the beta has arrived! This update brings a lot of performance enhancements, UI improvements and new features that will help us prepare to launch out of beta! 

Don’t have automatic updates on? Check your device’s app store to download v2.2.0 today. 

Be sure to stay tuned for feature highlights and more information.

Anthology v2.2.0 – Change Log

The following has been updated in v2.0.0 of Anthology:

  • We’ve introduced Flash Challenges to Anthology! Available from the Social Feed page - compete in daily photo contests that prompt you with a specific type of photo, location, or action theme. Stop back throughout the day to vote on your favorite anonymous posts from other users & earn yourself a spot on the coveted Challenge Winner’s Feed!
  • With Flash Challenges, build a Streak by posting a photo to a challenge each day! How high can you get your streak to go? Easily share your current stats to social media and brag to your friends 
  • New Push Notifications will alert you when a Flash Challenge is active and when the winners have been announced!
  • New In-App Notifications related to Flash Challenge statuses are available
  • Easily add photos you’ve posted to previous Flash Challenges into any of your existing Portfolios - or create a new one!
  • Flash Challenge posts/submissions from those that you follow will appear on your Social Feed
  • Updated the information shown on a Quick View Card on Explore - now when tapping on a location, users will be able to see the profile image & the username of the individual who owns that location on Anthology 
  • Fixed a bug that some users were experiencing on sign up/sign in
  • Fixed an issue where the elements of a Quick View Card on Explore were overflowing their boundaries (happening exclusively to Android devices)
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping users from deleting their Profile image
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving a ‘null’ object notification when attempting to post content or share a Point of Interest
  • Resolved a number of memory leak issues across the app that were causing significant lag and slow response times. The overall functionality of the platform is greatly improved in this release

Current Bugs That We’re Aware Of

With the release of v2.2.0 - we have resolved all remaining known issues. 

If you come across other bugs in this release, we appreciate if you could let us know about them so we can add them to our project list. 

Sneak Preview – What’s to Come in Future Anthology Releases

Here’s what we’re working on next: 

Stripe integration into the mobile app 

  • With the inclusion of Stripe, we’ll be bringing back a feature from our prototype - called Patronage
  • Patronage is a voluntary user-to-user payment system aimed at facilitating support for artists and creators 
  • Integration with Stripe allows us to facilitate these types of interactions on Anthology with the benefit of enhanced security and controls from one of the top payment processors today

Web application 

  • We’ve begun development of our new web application, starting with a portal for Portfolios
  • On the web app, you will be able to sign up / sign in and take control of your content by creating, editing and/or deleting your Portfolios from any type of internet enabled device
  • Changes made to the web application will correlate with the mobile application where the additional features of Explore and Social will live


Anthology is a gamified photography-focused platform built for those that love to take, share, or simply admire awesome photos. The Anthology mobile app is currently in development with a live beta available to download for free on Android and iOS.

Join today and start building your Anthology!

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