Mayor's Day 5K Race Hotspot Challenge

September 25th 2022, 9AM - 11AM

We're excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Union Township Chamber of Commerce to bring a Hotspot Challenge to this year's Mayor's Day 5K Race event on September 25, 2022!

Anthology is excited to be a part of Union Township's 11th Annual Mayor's Day 5K race. The 5K event awards the top three male and female finishers in each of eight age groups.

Every year, the proceeds from the event are donated to a local family in need. This year's recipient is the family of Matthew Becerra Mejia, who unfortunately lost his battle with liver disease. Matthew, just age 10, received a liver transplant in April that provided some hope in the fight against his disease before his body ultimately rejected the transplant just a few weeks ago. His inspiring story of innocence, happiness and bravery despite his hardships will be honored at this year's event. The proceeds from the race will be donated to his family to help them reduce the heavy burden of medical costs.

Anthology has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to bring our photography mini-game and contest - Hotspot Challenges - to this year's race. We encourage you to join us on September 25 for a day to celebrate racers, and to honor Matthew's life. As such, we are awarding a cash prize to racers, spectators, and stakeholders who participate in the challenge by following the rules below.

Take and share photos of the event, of the runners, or even the crowd. We can’t wait to see you there!



  • Pre-Register for the Hotspot Challenge using the form below
  • Download Anthology for iOS or Android and make an account prior to the event
  • Enjoy the race! Snap a bunch of photos with your friends, the runners, and your surroundings
  • Upload your photos from the 5K event to the Hotspot pin on Anthology's Explore mobile app
  • That's It! You've been entered to win a cash prize!


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