What is Explore on Anthology? 

Explore is a main feature available on Anthology that allows users to discover and share photogenic places with other users. At Anthology, we call these photogenic places - Points of Interest

What are the benefits of using Explore

Using Explore on Anthology will help you discover and visit new photogenic locations (a.k.a Points of Interest) around the world. But there are many opportunities on Explore

With Explore you can: 

• Find beautiful places to visit and photograph by tapping on the green, Point of Interest pins

• Post images to the location’s associated feed page and view images that are shared by others

• Share locations on Anthology that you find in your adventures to inspire others to create their own memories there

• Claim ownership of the new Points of Interest that you post on Anthology’s Explore map

• Save your locations for yourself by creating private points (indicated by blue pins)

• Take part in the Hotspot Challenges by visiting nearby Hotspots (indicated by gold pins) for a chance to win cash prizes

Additionally, you will soon be able to become an Explore Ambassador for Anthology - with unique incentives and rewards for joining the program. More information will be provided in this help guide shortly. 

Who can use Explore?

Anyone with an Anthology account may use the Explore feature - completely free - and enjoy the benefits listed above. 

How much does it cost to use Explore

The Explore feature is completely free to use to enjoy all the benefits above. 

What are the meanings of the different colored pins on Explore?  

On the Explore page within the Anthology mobile application, you’ll come across three types of pins: green, gold, and blue. Each one has importance and different meanings on Anthology, which you will find below: 

Green Pins: The most abundant and popular types of pins that you’ll find on the Explore map within Anthology are the green Points of Interest. These are public pins posted by the Anthology team as well as the community of Anthology users. 

Points of Interest are designed to inspire adventure and exploration to beautiful places to visit and take photographs at. 

It’s important to note, that these pins may indicate the location from which a photogenic place can be captured, and not necessarily the subject itself. Take for instance the “Statue of Liberty”. You may notice Points of Interest titled “Statue of Liberty” that may not be in the exact location of the monument. That’s because we encourage you to share the vantage points at which these subjects can be photographed. 

Gold Pins: Another popular pin that you may notice on the Explore map are gold Hotspots. These are locations at which you can visit and compete in a Hotspot Challenge

If you’re familiar with the popular game - Pokemon Go - you will understand the premise of Hotspot Challenges. These location based mini-games allow anyone with a smartphone camera to take and share a photo that abides by the Challenge’s rules and post it to that Hotspot’s feed page. These photos are entered into a contest where the winner will receive a cash prize!

Blue Pins: Finally, you’ll find the blue Private Points on the Explore map. These are pins that you create and save as private locations. The blue pins that you see on your Explore map are unique to you. No one else can view your saved locations, or the images that you upload to their corresponding feeds.   

Where can I find help guides about Explore

We are in the process of creating Youtube tutorial videos to help walk you through the Explore feature and how to do everything from creating a Point of Interest, competing in Hotspot Challenges, and interacting with location feeds. 

Sign up for our email newsletter here or check back shortly to this page and we will update this section with a link to the tutorials.