What is Gamification on Anthology? 

Gamification is a main set of features available on Anthology that provide users with opportunities and incentives through various mini-games, contests, and challenges modeled around photography. 

What are the benefits of using Gamification

Using Gamification on Anthology helps in various ways. Our features are designed to help users and creators unlock rewards, but also provide creative challenges that invoke and foster photography skills. 

With Gamication you can: 

• Take part in daily photo subject challenges that inspire creativity

• Engage with the community of users competing in the daily challenge to vote for which photo earns a spot on the winner’s feed

• Participate in location-based Hotspot Challenges and compete for cash prizes 

• Start and grow a post streak for participating in daily challenges

• Share your current streak, max streak, and the number of photos that won you a spot on the winner’s feed with your friends and family on social media 

Coming soon will be additional features including a reward points, badges, profile flairs, and more!

Who can use Gamification?

Anyone with an Anthology account may use the Gamification features - completely free - and enjoy the benefits listed above. 

How much does it cost to use Gamification

The Gamification features are completely free to use to enjoy all the benefits above. 

What types of games are available on Anthology? 

Our Gamification features are made up of several foundational mini-games, contests and challenges. 

Currently available are: 

Daily Photo Challenges 

Hotspot Challenges

There are additional games and contests in development that will be announced at a later date. 

What are the daily photo challenges?  

The Daily Photo Challenge is a timed contest that occurs each day that prompt you with a randomized subject, action or idea that your shared picture should incorporate in some manner. 

Participating in a Daily Photo Challenge increases your current streak count by 1. Climb to the leaderboards of the streak standings by participating in as many Daily Photo Challenges as you can. 

Whether you choose to participate in a challenge or not, you’ll be then brought to a community page filled with posts from other users who participated in the current challenge. This page is kept anonymous and your goal is to select as many of the posts you enjoy throughout the day based entirely on creativity and accuracy to the subject. 

At the end of the day, you’ll receive a notification that announces the winners of that day’s challenge. Tap on that notification and be brought to the Winner’s Feed where the person behind the photo is revealed and you can give them a follow!

What are Hotspot Challenges? 

Hotspot Challenges are location-based photography contests that allow you to submit a photo entry for a chance to win that location’s cash prize. For more information, check out our chapter on Explore