What is Portfolios on Anthology? 

Portfolios is a main feature available on Anthology that allows users to store, share, and showcase their images in customizable galleries and albums designed to highlight the images themselves. 

What are the benefits of using Portfolios

Using Portfolios on Anthology will help you design and build your public profile for others to see and appreciate your collections of work. 

With Portfolios you can: 

• Store unlimited amounts of images in a single Portfolio - for free!

• Create unlimited Portfolios on your profile page

• Organize your images with a Portfolio to design your personal gallery - showcase your best shots first, or maybe your newest. You decide!

• Similarly, you can organize your profile and order your Portfolios any way you’d like. Simply drag and drop the albums in order of how you want them to appear

• Store any resolution of photo. We don’t use sizing restrictions or limit your creativity in any way

Who can use Portfolios?

Anyone with an Anthology account may use the Portfolios feature - completely free - and enjoy the benefits listed above. Whether you're someone who takes family photos on your phone, or you’re a professional photographer with dozens of client projects - Portfolios is designed to showcase the very best of your images. 

How much does it cost to use Portfolios

The Portfolios feature is completely free to use to enjoy all the benefits above. 

We are currently developing advanced features for Pro level members that will unlock additional functionality for a small fee. More information about this will be announced soon. 

Who Can View My Portfolios? 

Anyone with an Anthology account may find your profile page and view your portfolios. 

In our current beta version, every portfolio is categorized as a public portfolio - meaning anyone on Anthology can view them. We are working on developing a private classification that will only be accessible to you as a creator. 

Who owns the images that I put in Portfolios

You do! We do not claim any ownership, copyright, or claim on any image that you upload to Anthology. 

In an internet landscape where we are seeing increased reports of content copying and stealing - the Anthology team is developing proprietary software that will help protect your images from being stolen and used without your direct consent. 

Where can I find help guides about Portfolios

We are in the process of creating Youtube tutorial videos to help walk you through the Portfolios feature and how to do everything from creating, sharing, editing, and deleting an album on Anthology. 

Sign up for our email newsletter here or check back shortly to this page and we will update this section with a link to the tutorials.