What is Social on Anthology? 

Social is a main set of features available on Anthology that empowers users with numerous familiar tools that are common to social networking platforms. 

What are the benefits of using Social

Using Social on Anthology will help you discover new creators and users on Anthology, build and grow an organic network of friends and followers, and share content on a platform dedicated to photography.  

With Social you can: 

• Build and design a public facing profile that is unique to you and your creations

• Grow a network of followers and follow the creators and users that you want

• Scroll through a Social Feed of content and images that are uploaded by those that you follow - and only those that you follow. No ads. No videos. No suggested content. 

• Scroll through Location Feeds on Explore to see images that are uploaded to various Points of Interest  

• Share your Portfolios externally to other social media channels

• Import your photos from Facebook or Instagram to create or add to your Portfolios

• Easily find new people to follow on the Discovery page by seeing new Portfolios that are uploaded from around the community

• Receive Notifications on your Profile page regarding interactions and updates relevant to your Anthology account

Coming soon will be additional features that will increase the networking effect of Social including Patronage, Freelancing, Projects, and more! 

Who can use Social?

Anyone with an Anthology account may use the Social features - completely free - and enjoy the benefits listed above. 

How much does it cost to use Social

The Social feature is completely free to use to enjoy all the benefits above. 

What type of content appears on my Social Feed?  

At Anthology, we believe that your Social Feed should be filled with content and updates from those that you follow - and only those accounts. 

This is the main purpose of our Social Feed. In our current version, we are displaying the cover image of new Portfolios and photos that are added to existing Portfolios from the accounts that you follow. 

In the future, we will also showcase additional content from those you follow on this feed page - including new Points of Interest they create, individual photo uploads, and photos that they post to our photo mini-games. 

What happens if I tap on a photo on the Social Feed? 

If you tap, or swipe to the left, on any image that appears on your Social Feed you will be brought to the Portfolio that the image lives in from the individual who posted it. 

This gives you a quick way to see other images that may be from the same creator!

Can I Like an Image on the Social Feed? 

Yes! You can show your appreciation for a post from someone you follow by tapping on the “heart” icon in the bottom-right corner of that image. 

After tapping on the Like button, you’ll be able to see how many Likes that image has garnered

How does the Search Feature Work? 

Search on Anthology currently allows you to find other users on the mobile application by typing in their username, first & last name, or their email address. 

We plan to enhance the functionality of this feature in the future to include categories, points of interest, and more in future build releases.