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Seasonal Photography

Kristen Hayes

Kristen is once again crowned the winner of This Month's Challenge, earning the top prize in the last contest of 2023! Her image of this wonderful Fall hike is beautifully done.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
January 2024
Issue #012
Food Photography

Jesse Bigham

Jesse shared this delicious looking snapshot of baked goods and stunned the judges to take home the grand prize.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
December 2023
Issue #011
Nature Photography

Prajit Ravindram

Prajit took home the prize for Anthology's 10th photo contest of the year, sharing this beautiful and technical showcase of a natural landscape. His use of black and white fits perfectly with the subject to invoke intrigue and thought.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
November 2023
Issue #010
Landmark Photography

Donny O'Neill

Donny snapped and shared this amazing image of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, wowwing our judges with its usage of extraordinary colors and reflections.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
October 2023
Issue #009
Portrait Photography

Daniel Quiyu

Daniel was selected as the winner of August 2023's "Portrait" photography contest for his submission of this raw and authentic snapshot of a beautiful moment in time.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
September 2023
Issue #008
Aquatic Photography

Kyle Barden

Kyle was the winner of the aquatic photo contest for this amazingly powerful shot of Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
August 2023
Issue #007
Travel Photography

Tommy Lei

Tommy was victorious in the travel photo contest for this serene scene that instantly makes you wish you were there.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
July 2023
Issue #006
Wildlife Photography

Kristen Hayes

Kristen walked away the winner of the Wildlife Photography contest for this adorable snapshot of a Pika.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
June 2023
Issue #005
Street Photography

M.R. Halloran

M.R. Halloran submitted a one-of-a-kind street style photo to our contest this month and our team, as well as our guest judge panel, had high remarks for the submission.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
May 2023
Issue #004
Floral Arrangement

John Abney

John Abney shared this amazingly thought out photo of a flower for our latest contest. Our team recognized John's efforts for his creativity in bringing this photo to life, excellent composition, and color theory
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
Apr 2023
Issue #003
All About Love

Donny O'Neill

Photographer Donny O'Neill takes home this month's prize for this beautifully captured moment that epitomizes and is symbolic of this month's theme of love. Love is a journey and a climb, but one that is worth making to reach the top.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
Mar 2023
Issue #002
2022 Rewind


Our team ultimately decided on this snapshot of a mallard by our neighbor in the North, Joe. High regards were given for it's colors, clarity, use of reflection and symmetry.
This Month's Challenge | Anthology
Feb 2023
Issue #001

This Month's Challenge

Welcome to This Month's Challenge - exclusively by Anthology. This Month's Challenge is a monthly photo contest that you can enter for a chance to win a cash prize!

The quest is simple - above you will find a prompt and form where you may enter a photo of your choice. Choose your best photo that aligns to the month's theme, submit it through the form, and you can be selected as the winner of This Month's Challenge!